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My Favorite Online Boutiques

I absolutely ADORE coming across boutique shops! You can always find the cutest items you don't normally see at bigger retail stores. Its actually one of my favorite things to do on vacation! There are a few local boutiques around where I live, but definitely not as much as I would like ;)

Like all fashionistas, I don't have one specific style I like to stick with. I love trying new trends. When I'm in the mood for more unique pieces, I look up my favorite online boutiques. I've came across these boutiques either through Pinterest, Instagram, or just looking them up online. Each boutique is slightly different from each other. You'll find some that are more trendy, some a bit minimalist, and even one on the bohemian side!

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite online boutiques that I shop at!

Dainty Hooligan was the very first boutique I had ever found. It holds a special place in my heart ;) It is based in Huntington Beach, CA and has just the cutest stuff! They have everything from dresses to activewear to shoes! They seem to always be caught up on what is trendy and new. And best of all everything is reasonably priced! Unfortunately for me, they only have locations in Texas and Oklahoma. So for any of you that do live down in those states, PLEASE go check out their stores and let me know how fabulous they are ;) Anyways, go check this place out you will be glad you did!

Vici Collection is more on the expensive side but oh is it worth it! Everything they have is so chic and trendy you will want to buy the entire website. Seriously. I can only dream to have their whole site as my closet for now (*cue the heavy sigh*). What I love about this boutique is 1. there is only a $5.95 flat rate shipping and 2. you can do pre-orders! This boutique is great for when I want to treat myself to something nice or if we are going on vacation and I need somet new and elegant to wear. They only have two store locations right now, again far far away from me down in California, so if you are down there I would for sure check them out!

Three Bird Nest is for all bohemian-style lovers! I stumbled across this boutique when I was shopping for a bridal shower outfit. SO many cute things! They have graphic tee's with the perfect sayings, such as "nap queen" or "I got 99 bobby pins but I can't find one" (<-- that one is by far my favorite!). They also have home and beauty items such as essential oil packs you can purchase as well! They too are based in California! Hidden gems at this boutique are their headbands...they're AMAZING.

Jessakae I found off Pinterest and boy am I glad I did! Again, I would just love to own everything that is on this boutique's site. The selection of items aren't as vast as the others, but they really hit the nail on the head with what they sell. Every item screams trendsetter. I just recently bought a few items from here, I'll be sure to post my thoughts! Another great addition to this boutique is this girl also runs her own blog, so check her out too here!

The Rage is great for finding trendy basics as well as unique pieces. Another great thing about this boutique is they also sell a wide variety of shoes. They have a ton of cute booties to choose from. This boutique is absolutely affordable and even has a $10 sale section! If you are lucky to find an item in your size I'd say that is a steal! Cool, quick fact about the girls who started this boutique never even went to college, instead work for her dad at his motorcycle shop for a bit! Be sure to check this one out, I guarantee you'll find some goodies to add to your shopping cart.

Hope you guys fall in love with these boutiques as much as I have. If you would like to know even more online boutiques, just message me here! Happy shopping!



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