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The Brides Guide: 8 Perfect Bridal Shower Dresses

Hi lovelies! I am kind of going out of sequence with my Brides Guide topics, but I had finished this post already, plus it is getting to be that time of bridal showers, so I figured I'd share this one now! I am super excited to share this post with you all. I remember searching and searching for my bridal shower dress. I wanted the perfect white dress that just radiated bride. I'm not one to wear white dresses that often, so this was special to me! I have compiled 8 of the CUTEST white dresses that would be perfect for a bridal shower. Best thing is they won't break the bank, and can easily be worn again.

I ended up having two bridal showers, one for my side of the family and then one for Jeremy's side. Everyone is kind of spread out, plus we have big families, so it just worked out better that way. I definitely wasn't complaining ;) So if any of you are like me and are having two bridal showers, have fun choosing two dresses! :) I've also chosen a variety of dresses for all those gals out there who have a certain style. Check them out!

Okay, seriously can I get married again just so I can have another bridal shower and wear one of these pretty things?! I am so jealous right now haha! Maybe I'll start wearing more white dresses ;) I love every single one of these dresses/rompers. I had to throw in a few rompers for my tomboy girls annnnnnd just because rompers are so comfy and cute!

I'd love to see if any of you purchase one of these for your own bridal shower, so be sure to share! Hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday :)



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