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Gift Guide For Her: The Health Guru

Happy Monday lovelies! This weekend was so much fun :) If you saw my story you know we went and got our Christmas tree yesterday! We went up with my sister, brother in law and my little niece, Theona. She was the cutest little bundled thing, ever! Anyways, we chose to go to a different tree farm than last year, because the one we went to last year had a tree shortage this year, which was a bummer! Well, it ended up being the new place also had a tree shortage, lol so we really didn't have much to choose from. I love our tree, but I will say it is definitely the most ugly tree we've ever had, haha. It is just so fat, lol! But, like I said, I still love it :) You gotta have an ugly one every once in a while, right?

So that's what we did yesterday. Got our tree and then cleaned the house and put away all our fall decor and busted out the Christmas decor :) We also went to the high school's Christmas concert which was really good! Jeremy had the cutest idea of grabbing a hot chocolate beforehand. Definitely felt very festive :) Mag's did surprisingly well with the tree! She only climbed under it twice to try and get some water. Other than that she doesn't really pay much attention to it. Decorations on the other hand, well she kept stealing all of Jeremy's garland, lol! She's so much fun.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I am kicking today's blog post off with a new gift guide. This one is all about health and fitness! I gotta be honest, when I was creating this gift guide I was really starting to get motivated to work out myself, haha. Anyways, this gift guide is perfect for anyone. All of these gifts can apply to someone you know who has always be into health and fitness, or they can apply to a newbie!

Really quick, too! All of my gift guides are going to be on my Pinterest, which I'll link here. You can pin and share them with whomever you'd like. Enjoy!

(click each bold item to take you to each site!)

This little accessory is such a fun, cool way to get in your 8 glasses of water a day! It hooks on to any water bottle you have and detects movement. If you go more than 30-40 minutes, it'll blink to remind you to hydrate! I am one who definitely doesn't drink enough water, and I love that it can go on nearly any bottle. That way you are able to use your favorite water bottle :)

These leggings have OVER 5,000 reviews on Nordstrom...I should just leave it at that, lol. I've already sent these over to Jeremy haha. They look so comfy and come in the cutest colors! I have no doubt these would be a hit.

I personally own this thing and LOVE it! Works way better than any arm band, and has multiple pocket spots to hold your phone, keys, cards, whatever! Comes in a few different colors, too! Definitely a must have!

These sports bra's have been popping up on my Facebook and Pinterest for a while and I've been obsessing over them. I love that you can stick your phone or cards in the holder in the back, plus they come in a bunch of different styles and colors.

I know so many people with a hydro flask and they looooove them. I especially love this kind because it has the built in straw. Would go perfect with the hydration reminder accessory! ;)

I have eyed this gym bag for a while and it has great reviews! Comes in a bunch of different colors, but this specific one is my favorite. Would definitely be the most stylish one a the gym ;)

Everyone needs a good yoga mat, and this one is perfect. Comes in a ton of different colors, and I especially love the extra thick mats for added cushion. Can't go wrong with Gaiam, either!

Why not throw in these Gaiam loop bands with that Gaiam yoga mat? ;) Get that added resistance going!

I also own these stackable jars and they are so handy! I put my vitamins in one part and then a few snacks in the others. I probably used this every day in college. What's great is you can take them apart, so if you only want to take one jar with you, you can!

These joggers look so freaking comfy!! I also sent these over to Jeremy, haha. They come in two other colors and would be perfect for lounging or going for walks/runs.

Stay tuned for the next gift guide! I'll have that up for you guys on Wednesday! :)



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