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New Makeup Haul

Happy hump day! I am so freaking excited for tomorrow becauuuuse....I AM GETTING MY HAIR DONE! No joke, I haven't gotten my hair done since J-U-L-Y! So overdue. I can't decide if I want to do a full foil like I usually do or try balayage. With how quickly my hair grows, I'm thinking balayage is the way to go so it's lower maintenance, but then again I love a full foil! Decisions, decisions...

Today I am sharing with you some new makeup products I recently got. Thanks to you guys! I really appreciate those who left suggestions for their favorite products. I love knowing what you all use and swear by. It really helps a girl out when trying new makeup! So thanks, again! Like I said on my Instagram story, I've just kind of ran out of every thing I usually use and have been wanting branch out and try some new products. Plus, the foundation I was using was my "summer" foundation and my face was not matching my neck or rest of my body at all (HAHA!)

So far, I am in love with every single thing I got (yay!) And oh my gosh do they all smell good!! Seriously, I keep getting whiffs throughout the day of my face and ahhh :) so yummy, lol. Anyways! So what I ended up getting was a new foundation, which is actually a CC cream, a face primer, concealer, lipstick and a lip gloss. I got the primer and lip gloss from Sephora and then the CC cream, concealer and lipstick at Ulta. I'm soooo happy we have an Ulta close by because they are the only one's who sell the Tarte Shape Tape! So if you're wanting to try some yourself make sure you go to Ulta.

The CC cream is so creamy and light I am really digging it. Even though it feels light it still gives me enough coverage. And I love that it has SPF in it! I've tried It Cosmetics before and they've never disappointed, and neither does this CC cream. If you're looking for something low maintenance to apply, this is your stuff. I've been applying it with my brush, but I might switch to my beauty blender and see if I can get it to blend in a little smoother. I'll keep you all posted on that! Reviews don't lie when it comes to the Shape Tape concealer. This stuff completely hides my dark circles. I am in love! For real, go look at the reviews. It's the best! Plus you can never go wrong with anything Tarte. And then the primer from Benefit is so silky I want to put it everywhere, hahaha. I feel like it even brightens up my skin a little bit, too.

I haven't owned a MAC lipstick since Lady Gaga came out with her own line (hahahahaha!), so it has definitely been a while! I forgot how amazing MAC is. I love this shade and it goes on nice and creamy. It also lasts quite a while! And lastly, I am definitely crushing on this lip gloss. I love Buxom glosses so much and know a few other bloggers who love this color and I can see why. It's the perfect nude pink to go with any look.

Thank you all again so so much for all of your recommendations! I knew I could trust you guys! I'll be sure to share my hair with you all tomorrow. Ah! Can't wait. Have a wonderful rest of your week!! :)



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