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4 Ways To Style A Headband

Happy Friday! Feels like just a "day" to I'm sure a lot of us haha. I've learned something while being in quarantine...I am a WAY better "blogger" when I am stuck at home with nothing to do, LOL.

Seriously, I have all the time now to think of content and get creative with things I've always wanted to do haha. And so since I am stuck at home with all the time in the world, I decided to play around with a cute new headband I got from Loft. So far all the headbands I own are Under Armor sports ones for basketball and working out, lol. I was in desperate need of a cute headband to dress up my collection! I love this one because it has great padding so it doesn't kill your head, and the color is so pretty! It's perfect to dress up a look or add a little something fun.

The first style I did was just tucking the headband on top of my head with my hair curled and already styled. This is such an easy way to play up a hairstyle. Literally takes zero effort haha. What you will want to do is split your hair almost in half by keeping some hair in the front and the rest in the back and then place the headband in-between :)

The second style I did was adding the headband with a ponytail. This is such a flirty, fun hairstyle! The picture definitely doesn't do it any justice. Another great way of playing up a ponytail hairstyle ;) What I did was take some front piece of hair and kept them out of the ponytail to keep for some face framing and then through the rest up in a somewhat messy pony. Then I just stuck the headband on top of my head keeping the left out hair pieces in front! Another super easy hairstyle that takes like 3 seconds to do.

The third style I threw up my hair in a top knot and then placed the headband on top with it slightly slicking back my hair. I kept a few little pieces on the sides by my ear out to add a little face framing again and make it not look so slicked back and "somewhat" messy. The key to this one is making sure your top knot is high enough so the headband isn't blocking it :) This is such a pretty, feminine look.

The last style is again a zero effort style and the way a headband is usually worn. Slicked back keeping the hair out of your face :) It's that easy! It feels so good to have the hair out of your face and it just looks so fresh. This style would look so pretty with straight hair as well.

There are probably a million more ways I could have styled this headband but all of these are fool proof and take less than 5 seconds to do. Once life gets back to normal and we go back to our daily schedules, life is going to speed back up again. We won't have all day to do our hair ;) so these will definitely help you out on those days you need a quick hairstyle.

Hope you guys liked this little hair inspiration post! :) This was a lot of fun to do. If you love this headband I've linked it here!

I also hope you all are hanging in there and staying safe and healthy! Hopefully we are almost through with our sheltering in place and can start to slowly inch our way back to normalcy. Take care!



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