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DIY: Chic Scarecrow

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all are having a spook-tacular day! I'm not one for dressing up in terrifying, nightmare-provoking costumes, but I do love dressing up! For this Halloween I decided I needed something that would be work appropriate and CHEAP. Pinterest is a Godsend, as I'm sure most of you all know. So it is no surprise that this costume was discovered on Pinterest!

This scarecrow costume is cute, fun, and most importantly easy! It came straight from my closet and make up drawer and cost me exactly $0 to make (best part!) Not only does this costume have Halloween written all over it, but it also screams fall fashion! You will be one charming, trendy scarecrow.

Here is what I used from my closet to recreate this costume:

  • Plaid button-up shirt

  • Light blue jeans

  • Brown boots

  • Brown floppy hat (a beach hat could work too!)

  • Black eyeliner

  • Blush

  • Straw (optional)

I wore this costume to one of my home showings today and my clients loved it, so I know it was work acceptable! Depending on your workplace and its rules on dressing up, this costume would pass as festive, yet professional.

To create the face of the scarecrow start with your usual daily makeup routine. From then, move on to drawing the outline with the black eyeliner. Starting from the corners of your mouth draw a small line that somewhat curves up. Then add two little lines across for the stitch. For the nose draw a "U" shape around the top part of your nose. Like the mouth, add the stitching with the small lines to the "U" shape. Next, grab your blush and make two round circles on each cheek, and then one on the end of your nose. Viola! You now have the face of a scarecrow!

This costume is work appropriate, cheap and easy! Without a doubt a Halloween hit. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!



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