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Why I Love Basic Invite

Hi friends! I hope you all are surviving quarantine and finding some good in this situation we are in. It is definitely a strange time to be alive, but we will get through it :) I know I've enjoyed this time to organize some things in my life and tackle a few projects I've put on the back burner for a while, so I'm grateful for that. I'll be honest though, I have had a few meltdowns...just ask Jeremy, lol.

Anyways! I'm thrilled to share today's blog post with you all. Like a lot of you, I've been receiving graduation invites, baby shower invites and wedding invites. Tis the season, am I right?! However, some are having to reschedule/postpone and even cancel which makes me sad :( But I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share Basic Invite with you all!

I first came across Basic Invite when I was planning our wedding back in 2016. I was searching for wedding invites and stumbled upon their site. I wanted to find a site where I could customize my invites and be able to incorporate my wedding colors with. Most sites I came across had their own designs with limited color schemes to choose from. I would fall in love with a style but then come to find out they didn't have the right colors I was needing. With Basic Invite I discovered you can change the color of each element on the card! I'm talking fonts, lines, flowers, shapes, etc. It was a dream come true, especially being a bride! There was no other stationary company that allowed me to change basically every aspect on the design I had picked out. Trust me, I looked!

Image courtesy of Basic Invite

The customizable options Basic Invite offers allows you to create something you truly love and helps bring that vision you see in your mind to life! They have over 180 different colors to choose from for any element on the stationary and over 40 different envelope colors (WHAT!). Another great perk Basic Invite offers is custom samples. You can create your masterpiece and order a sample of it to see if it turned out how you thought. It allows you to check the paper and print quality to make sure its exactly what you are wanting. This is a big one to me because, for example, when I've ordered business cards with another company in bulk, I wish I would've had the option of viewing it in person first before making that final order. Now I know exactly where I am going to buy my business cards from here on out :) I'm sure a lot of you can relate with me on that with even graduation or wedding invites as well.

So for all of you recent college grads or you parents out there with a high school senior, choose Basic Invite and save time and money searching for that perfect, customized thank you card! They have so many options to choose from and you can add your sweet, personal touch on them :) Or if you've been waiting for more information about COVID-19 to come out so you can properly plan a party, search a graduation invitation template and customize it the way you want it to look and then order when you feel comfortable!

Image courtesy of Basic Invite

Another perk that Basic invite offers that is a huge time saver is their address capturing service. This is a way of being able to store friends and family addresses onto your account so you can access them during the design process. It allows you to share a link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and request addresses. Best part is Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders! Talk about a sweet deal for those who hate addressing letters. Especially when you have 100+ to do, lol!

One other fun feature Basic Invite offers is the variety of styles of invites you can choose from. They have the normal stationary paper of course, but you can also add foil to give your invite some flair, or use their new wood collection and print on actual wood with white ink! I would have loved to do that for my wedding invites for sure! I know the foil option would be fun for some of my basketball girls since one of our school colors is gold ;)

Image courtesy of Basic Invite

The last great thing about Basic Invite I almost forgot to mention is the price! They are totally affordable and great value for the product you get. You can trust that the product you'll be receiving is worth the money spent. They are even offering 15% off with the code "15FF51" at checkout. This applies for anything, too! It doesn't have to be graduation announcements or thank you cards.

To those who have had to reschedule or even cancel your fun plans, graduation parties, showers and even weddings my heart goes out to you! I'm hoping you can have what you've been looking forward to/dreaming of happen soon. I also hope this post is helpful and that Basic Invite can be the one to help you out with all of your planning!

Check out a few more graduation invite designs. My personal favorite is the pineapple one of course! :)

Image courtesy of Basic Invite

Image courtesy of Basic Invite

Image courtesy of Basic Invite

Image courtesy of Basic Invite

If you'd like to check out Basic Invite more in depth, you can find them on their website here, or on all of their social media links: @basicinvite

Sending you all virtual hugs!



*This was a sponsored post but my opinions and reviews are 100% my own*

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