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V-Day Dress Picks

Hello beauties! Hope you all had a fabulous week! To be honest I spent almost each night of the week binge-watching "You" and the Ted Bundy Series on Netflix. Both were super good, but OH. MY. GOSH. You is such a good/weird show! Seriously the first night I started watching it I almost got through the entire first season, haha. I finally finished it last night and I can't wait for the second season. Unfortunately, it did give me a nightmare, haha so that wasn't fun. But ahhh! So addicted now.

Anyways! Today I am sharing my Valentine's Day dress picks! There are some cuuuuties that I have found! Some are super V-Day themed and others can be worn again for other occasions :) I'm honestly not sure what we have planned for Valentine's Day this year. Jeremy is the one who always usually plans it, and he never disappoints :) So we will see what he's got in store this year.

So while binge-watching "You" the other night I scouted out these six dresses that I think will knock your socks off for V-Day this year :) I am feeling super festive for Valentine's Day this year. I'm not really sure why, I just feel like being obnoxious with it, haha! So I am loving all the heart-themed dresses and sweaters I've been seeing lately.

Check out these cuties below!

So the first dress is from Boohoo and comes in the red and the pink, and I decided to order the red! Like I said I am all about Valentine's Day this year and a dress with hearts on it just seems like a no brainer, am I right? I was a little undecided and thought the pink was super cute as well, but I wasn't feeling the pink for going out to dinner in. I thought it was more for during the day. I guess I could've got them both and gone from day to night ;) **ON SALE

The OTS fuchsia dress is gorrrrggggeeeeouuuus. I'm actually thinking about ordering it for when we go down to Vegas. It comes in a bunch of other colors as well and would be a great dress to have for other occasions like weddings, showers, or just a date night!

The high neck red lace dress is soooo fun and sexy, but in a sophisticated way! I love the detailing and the shape the dress gives. It definitely would be a stand out dress for the night!

I was super torn when I found this red heart wrap maxi dress from Forever 21 because I mean, look at it! How cute?! I decided to keep it short this year but this one would be a sultry option, too!

I noticed a LOT of floral patterned dresses were kind of the trend this year for V-Day and I am just loving this sweet little strapless dress from Lulu's. It has the perfect mixtures of colors with the pinks and magenta's and reds. Would be a gorgeous spring dress to have, too. This one is a tad more expensive than the rest, but oh so cute!

Last is this adorable velvet dusty mauve dress! This dress just screams sweetheart. It reminds me of a ballerina dress! I love the deep v and the detailing on the dress. Would make such a pretty wedding guest outfit, too!

Ah, loving all of these dresses! If you guys order any I'd love to know which one! I'll be sure to share my dress pick once it comes in :)

Have a great weekend!



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