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Seattle, WA

Over the weekend Jeremy and I took a little trip over to Seattle to see one of my friends from college. We had a Saturday filled with tailgating and UW football. I graduated from Eastern Washington University so I felt a little out of my element, but it is never too late to hop on the bandwagon (still, Go Eags!)

It was perfect football weather, which is hard to come by on the west side of the mountains. The game was exciting but a blowout, and we stood and cheered and ate our kettle corn like the true fans we were pretending to be. The night ended with all of us going out and eating pizza slices bigger than our faces and getting a delicious chocolate peanut butter sundae for the way back to the hotel. Yum!

On Sunday Jeremy wanted to make his own beer at a brewery in Edmonds called Gallagher's Where U Brew. He has talked about doing this for, oh I don't know, every since I've known him? My mom has even bought him his own beer making kit to try at the house, but nope! He wanted the full on beer-making experience. We drove over in the morning to the brewery to see if they had any openings. Right when you step outside your car you get a strong whiff of hops. Its about a 1,000 times stronger when you walk inside the door. I'm not a huge beer lover so it took me a while to get used to the smell, but Jeremy was in beer heaven.

It was a 2 hour ordeal. They give you step by step directions and different colored bowls of ingredients to toss in your brew kettle. At this brewery you can also make your own wine and cider! Jeremy decided to go with a Winter Ale, something that will taste good at Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas.

Once his two hours were up they hooked his brew kettle up and drained out the brew into a different container where it will ferment. After two weeks you make an appointment to come back in and bottle your beer!

I'm happy Jeremy was able to do this. He's been planning then putting it off, and planning then putting it off for a long time. Now he can say he's made his own beer! He's decided to name it Kunu's Kristmas Ale (after our dog), and we are so excited to try it. I think it is safe to say he feels like a connoisseur in beer making now.

Beer update to come in a couple of weeks!



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