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Pumpkin Patchin' - Fox Hollow Farms

Hello! Hi! Bonjour! Hola! Aloha! Whew. I am dusting away the cobwebs on my blog and getting back into it! Tbh I think after a while I started blogging for others and not for myself, and so I think that is why it started to become a hassle to me. So today I am sharing a new post because I had the best time and want to talk about it!

So if I haven't mentioned on here before, a few of my girlfriends and I have started this amazing, incredibly fun thing called "Girls Weekend." Basically what it is is we all get together at one of our houses (we rotate between us all) and we just do whatever we feel like, ha. We shop, drink wine, play "Just Dance", "Sushi Go", eat out, watch movies, swap clothes, do face masks, etc! I think you get the idea, haha :) We all live about 1-3 hours away from each other, so it's not a big hassle to get together at all. I HIGHLY recommend starting a Girls Weekend with your group of friends, especially when you live far apart and aren't able to see each other as often as you like. We always have the best time and we look forward to them so much! Love you girls!

Okay, so this last weekend we had our Girls Weekend in Issaquah. We haven't had one since like May just because summer gets so busy for us and it's harder to get together. It's safe to say we all were highly anticipating this weekend! We got to our friend Ashley's house on Friday and just hung out there drinking wine (and white claws, duh lol), eating dinner, playing games and ending the night with a fire :)

Saturday morning we went to Fox Hollow Farms to pick some pumpkins and oh. my. goodness. TALK ABOUT CUTE!! None of us had any clue it was going to be this cute and fun, haha. We had to pay $10 to get in, which at first I thought was kind of strange because I've never had to pay to get into a pumpkin patch, but once we were in I understood why.

Love these cuties!

This place is soooo much more than a pumpkin patch. They have tons of stuff for you to do and see. They also have events that go on during Spring & Summer as well like egg hunts, live music, move nights and summer camp! For their Fall Fest, please see below of a list all the wonderful things lol...

-Tractor Rides

-Apple Picking

-ATV's & Toddler Tractors

-Corn Bin

-Hay Maze

-Farm Village Playhouses w/ Slides

-Fruit & Veggie Gardens

-Pumpkin Patch (of course)

-Petting Areas (they had a horse, a mini horse, a pig, a goat, chickens, two peacocks, a rooster, bunnies, kittens and two baby pigs!)

-Outdoor fireplaces (you can buy s'mores stuff!)


-Food & Drinks

Seriously, have you ever heard of a pumpkin patch being this magical!? We were in heaven! I'm going to let the pictures speak about the place for itself, but I highly recommend checking it out and making the trip. It is such a cute, fun place for everyone of all ages and there is so much to see and do. You won't regret it! The pumpkins, fruit & veggies, tractor rides, apple picking and food & drinks obviously do cost extra and aren't included in your admission inside, but the rest of the activities are included!

After the pumpkin patch we all worked up an appetite and had been craving sushi from a game we had played the night before called "Sushi Go," lol so we went and got some lunch at a sushi place. Once we were done with that we headed up to Woodinville to do a little wine tasting :) We wine to Chateau Ste. Michelle and Columbia Winery. Both were absolutely beautiful and had great wine selections. I also got to see another one of my friends, Mindy! I hadn't seen her since Hoopfest. She tagged along with us during wine tasting :)

Look at these babes!

We closed out the day with a little shopping in Bellevue and then dinner at Maggiano's, which is a delicious Italian restaurant. When we got back to the house it was about 11pm and we were tiiiiiiiiired, haha so we all got in our comfies and crashed.

Overall the weekend was a total blast! Girls Weekend always begins with laughter and fun and ends in new memories and full hearts :)

If you'd like to read more about Fox Hollow Farm, click here!

Oh, and before I forget..."Stay in your lane, Kacie!" ;)



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