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Gallagher's Where U Brew

Back in October, I did a post about Jeremy and I heading over to Seattle for a weekend trip. While we were over there we headed up to Edmonds and visiting Gallagher's Where U Brew to make our own holiday brew! This has been a dream of Jeremy's since I have know him so this day was pretty special to him!

Our beer was actually ready to be bottled about a month ago, but with our busy schedules we hadn't been able to find the time to head over. So a few Sunday's ago we spontaneously decided to drive over the pass and get our beer! I must say I am glad we did because we got to go through the first winter wonderland of the year! It had snowed the night before so the mountain pass was just beautiful.

We named our beer Kunu's Winter Ale after our sweet puppy dog :) Jeremy even made beer labels to take over to stick on the bottles. The picture he used is one I took of Kunu when he was laying upside down in our bed one day and he had the most hilarious look on his face. Jeremy said he wanted our beer to "catch people's eye" haha, and boy does it!

Once we got there, our beer was already hooked up to a kegerator so we could get started right away. The very first thing we got to do was TRY OUR BEER!! This was the moment we had been waiting for! I am not a huge beer lover, but it actually tasted good! SUCCESS!

The next step was to choose what size of bottles we wanted to use. We decided to go with 22oz bottles. The next step was the sanitize them!

After the bottles were sanitized the next step was to pick out what color of bottle caps we wanted to use. And for some reason, this was probably the most fun part for me! They had so many different colors. We chose to go with red for to match our labels and to go with the holidays!

The next step was to start filling! Jeremy is a MUCH better bottle-filler than I am. Mine would end up with so much foam we would need to refill them! It definitely takes some skill ;)

While Jeremy filled I capped the bottles! Took me a couple tried to push down the capper, but I eventually became a pro. I'll have to admit it gave me somewhat of a workout!

We ended up with about 5 boxes that held 12 bottles each. That is a lot of beer! The whole process took about 2 hours, so about the same as it took to make the beer. It was most absolutely an experience we won't forget! The next time we go I want to try and make a pineapple hard cider! We had this DELICIOUS pineapple cider at our wedding, it was to die for! So I want to try and make something that gets relatively close to that ;)

Coming under a tree near you this Christmas, Kunu's Winter Ale! If any of you find yourself in Edmonds and need something to do, DO THIS!



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