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How To Get Back To Your Workout Routine

I'm going to be honest, this winter has really kicked my butt! My motivation to work out left just as fast as the warm weather did. It seems every time I tried to start working out again something would come up that would bring all of that to a halt. I know, I know, they say if you don't have time, make time. Well in the fitness world I am what they call an Average Joe (or is it Plain Jane?) I care about my health don't get me wrong, but I am by no means a gym rat. I love to sleep in, I love ice cream, and some days I don't get off the couch. And I am O-K with that!

If you are someone who works out consistently and has a great routine, props to you! The hardest part about working out is 1. actually starting, and 2. sticking with it. Fallouts happen ALL THE TIME (hint: the reason why I am writing this blog post). We are human! We make mistakes and we are not perfect. It is the way you handle those fallouts. You can either give up since you got off track or you can lace up those sneakers and get back at it! If you were to ask the most in shape person you know how they got to be where they are at, you would discover that even they have times where they get off track.

A workout can consist of anything that gets your heart pumping! It doesn't mean you need to kill yourself with cardio for two hours at the gym or lift super heavy weights. A workout that you enjoy and makes you feel good about yourself is the perfect workout for you. Today marks Day 1 for me. Tonight after work I am going to make time for myself to get a workout in. Who's with me?!

Here are some tips I use to get myself back in to a workout routine:

1. Pick a reason!

This is by far the most important point as to why you are choosing to workout. Why are you working out? What made you start working out in the first place? What are your goals? Maybe you are working out to get in shape for a 5K run you have planned. Or maybe you are working out to be an example for your kids! Maybe it is to build up your self confidence. Whatever your reason, it should be what drives you! In the end you will thank yourself. Having your health is something a lot of people, including myself, take for granted. It is so crucial we take care of the only body we have, not just for yourself but for your family, your kids, your friends, and your coworkers!

2. Pick a workout!

For me, I have started and quit Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide twice now. Not this time! I know I enjoy this workout and it makes me sweat so this is my choice! If you aren't sure what workout you enjoy, try different things! You will never know unless you try. Examples could be Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit, Zumba, or even Power Walking! Most importantly, you got to enjoy it. Working out should be a stress reliever, not something you dread! If you always do the same thing for a workout, I would recommend switching it up a bit. You may find out you aren't working out a muscle group that you thought you were.

3. Pick a time!

As much as I would love to be a morning-worker-outer, I'm just not. I have tried and failed and it is just not when I feel like I can give it my all in my workout. For all you early birds who get it done first thing in the morning, I envy you and hope to become you someday. I have always been a night owl so working out in the evenings work best for me, at least right now. And sometimes your schedule can change! I know mine has. That's why it is important to choose a time that works best for you right now. For me I get off at 6pm every day so that is when I head to the gym. It works perfectly for me because once I am done I can just head straight home and start dinner!

4. Pick a playlist!

Music is what fuels my workout. I seriously struggle with my workout if I don't have music. Having that badass playlist that gets you going is key! If you are like me I recommend mixing it up a bit. Listening to the same playlist can get old. I have a few playlists for whatever mood I am in that day. For days when I am feeling super motivated I listen to pop/happy songs. When I am feeling angry or annoyed I put on my rock/rap playlist. And then sometimes I just hit shuffle and go. To check out some of my workout playlists head over to my Spotify!

Needing some extra inspiration? Check out my Fit&Healthy Pinterest board here for workouts, healthy recipes, workout gear, and overall healthy lifestyle tips! Enjoy!



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