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Favorite Instagramers You Should Follow ASAP

This girl right here is hair goals, fashion goals, family goals, make up goals...just GOALS IN GENERAL! Her and her family recently moved from New York City to Hawaii. She first started a blog called Barefoot Blonde doing braided hairstyles and now has grown to 1 million followers on Instagram, has her own hair extension line and is just living the dream! She is so much fun to follow and honestly I just want to be her. Her outfits are so chic & trendy and her hair tutorials are amazing! I've followed her for almost 3 years now and she is by far my favorite instagramer/blogger. All of her posts are completely genuine and her pictures are always so vibrant and full of love! Definitely recommend following her for lots of inspiration and happiness!

Kayla is someone you will want to follow for lots of fitness inspiration! She is from Australia and is the creator of the BBG (Bikini Body Guide), which is the workout I currently am doing and I'm sure millions of other girls are doing as well! It is TOUGH but such a great workout. She is always posting before and after pictures of real girls who have sent in their pictures to show off their transformations. And let me tell you, they are amazing! It will definitely get you motivated to work out. She also posts delicious fruits, inspirational quotes, and is just a really uplifting person to follow. Oh, and you obviously can't help but notice her rock hard abs, am I right?

Julia is like the Charlotte York of Instagram. Her style is so chic and classic, and you can almost always find her wearing a dress. I just love it! She created her blog called Gal Meets Glam and I highly recommend you go check it out. Her blog & Instagram is a breath of fresh air and full of flowers, colorful homes & decor, and adorable outfits. Honestly, it feels like springtime whenever I'm checking out her stuff. Glam is a perfect word to describe her style. Her photographer is also her husband, I mean how perfect is that?!

Rachel goes by yoga_girl on her instagram and its pretty clear as to why. She does yoga every. damn. day. (that is actually a hashtag she uses frequently) I have followed her since she got married to her surfer/yoga-doing husband and now they are pregnant about to have their first baby like any day! I truly love how social media can bring you in to someones life in a way. She is such a real and genuine person. I love reading all of her posts. Some days she has happy posts and other days she tells it like it is, and its great! She lives in Aruba and has an adorable little pup named Ringo who practically does yoga with her. They do a lot of work with saving stray dogs and while doing so she adopted a baby goat named Penny along the way who also is included in her yoga sessions! I absolutely love following her and if you want to learn more about her and more about Yoga, check out her book here!

Cara is always giving me so much inspiration! Her style is all over the place (in a good way!) and is always mixing things up. Honestly she can pull off any look. I first found her on Pinterest after I was looking up hairstyles and she kept popping up. I think her style is most like what I try (try is the key word here) to make out and I love seeing what new outfits she comes up. Again, like the rest of the ones I have mentioned she comes off so genuine and real and I hope I am a trendy mom like her when I have kids! You can check out her blog here!

Hope you enjoy and check out these lovely ladies! Also don't forget to follow me at @micaiahrae on Instagram as well!



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