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Weekend Warrior: 5K

Yesterday I ran in the Cave B Caveman Roar & Pour 5K. Cave B is a Winery & Resort near where we live and it is beautiful! Amazing views of the Gorge and the Columbia River, and not to mention delicious wines! There are vineyards that surround the entire resort and you can even pick your own grapes! They have yurts, cavern rooms and then actual hotel rooms that are all so cozy and beautifully designed. If you have never been to Cave B I highly recommend you check it out!

Anyways! They have hosted a 5K Run the past 3 years but this was my first time participating. One of our family friends asked me to join her and their group. I am actually super proud of myself because this was going to make the 6th day of working out for the week! It's safe to say I am sore and pooped. PS: don't mind my hair and whatever it is doing in these was BEYOND windy haha!

They call the run Caveman Roar & Pour because you are supposed to dress up like cavemen & women. There were some hilariously creative outfits. I saw a Fred Flintstone, some ladies in leopard print and furry leg warmers, and then some guy in just a cloth-like wrap ha! After we completed the 5K then came the "pour", which in other words was unlimited wine tasting!!! They had a couple new wines they were promoting and then other favorites of theirs. Everything from whites to blends to reds :) It was delish!

The run itself was almost all trail so we had to be careful not to roll and ankle or fall haha. But it was still fun and definitely challenging. Made for a great workout. They encouraged you to stop and take pictures along the way which is exactly what I did :) See for yourself what we got to look at during our run!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend doing whatever you please! Whether that be running a 5K, a marathon or lounging on the couch.



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