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Happy National Puppy Day!

HAPPY NATIONAL PUPPY DAY!!!!! This has got to be THE BEST National Day celebrated in the U.S, ever. Hands down! Dogs/puppies are littttttttterally the greatest gift from God, & I can't get enough of them! My Instagram and Facebook have just been blowing up with pictures of everyones dogs and even LIVE VIDEO of puppies at shelters today & I'm dying!

What better way to celebrate this day than by sharing a blog post all about our sweet baby Kunu!? Technically he isn't a puppy anymore, but just like children are to parents, he will always be our sweet baby puppy :) We got him almost 4 years ago (WHAT?!) about 6 months after we started dating. He is half Husky half Malamute but looks way more Malamute. He's got that poofy tail and thick fur that sheds like crazy in the summer. He's the most chill, easy-going dog you will ever meet :) we just LOVE him!

It was actually pretty random and spontaneous how we got him. We had talked about what kind of dogs we've always wanted and had been talking about when to get a dog that day. Jeremy grew up with a Husky/Malamute and wanted to get another one when he was older. I had this feeling that I needed to look for Huskies for sale and saw that there were puppies being sold close to where we lived. So! We drove an hour and a half, picked him from the bunch and had a brand new puppy that day! Totally weren't planning on getting a puppy that day but we did! Best decision ever :)

Anyways, that's a little backstory on Kunu :) Those with dogs/puppies I hope you are showering your sweet babies with lots of cuddles, kisses and treats! Enjoy these hilarious, adorable, and cuteness overload pictures of our baby!



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