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Rompers + Lace

Part 2 of Darriean and my's fashion favorites that we put together is our go-to spring looks! Spring in our area hasn't actually been the springiest in weather, just straight COLD. So with Darriean's look it is perfect for that chilly spring day. The tights give you the warmth that you need & the dress adds that warm weather vibe! Her dress has lace details at the top and around the trim that adds a nice feminine touch! Pair it with a lightweight jacket & some ankle booties and you are good to go! A cozy and boho-like style that is great for bringing out your spring wardrobe.

With my look I decided to go with something new I just got. I ordered this romper from Charlotte Russe and it was the best decision ever! This is my first romper :) It is soft, silky and so comfortable! It doesn't ride up and the off-the-shoulder stays in place. The belt was one that I already owned that I paired with it to break up the look of the romper, I like it better that way. It's a little hard to tell in the pictures but the romper has a metallic fabric woven in and is also pleated! Absolutely adorable and just love it! The day we took pictures was windy and freezing so I CANNOT wait to wear this in warm weather!



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