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Spring Tops For Work

First blog post of 2020 lets get it! Haha, hi guys! It's definitely been a while. To those that are still following me and read my posts, I love you and appreciate your support so much! Maybe one day I'll get consistent with my blogging, lol.

I'm excited to share some great finds for you all today! On my Instagram I shared that I need to purge my closet and get rid of some clothes that I no longer wear and that are taking up space. I asked what you all are buying right now and most of you said tops, especially for work. I was so beyond excited to read that because I am on the hunt for some great work appropriate tops as well! So I've compiled a list of super cute tops that are going to make you feel like the boss babe you truly are ;)

There is a great little mixture here of dressy, trendy and dressy-casual (because, um hello casual Friday's!) I am absolutely loving the floral duster and even though I'm not fully on board with the whole snakeskin trend, I think this one I found is so pretty! Express and Loft are each having a sale until Friday, so if you are liking anything from them, now is the time to click add-to-cart!

The links are down below. Hope you guys enjoy these finds!



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