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Amazon Roundup

Happy stinkin' Friday everyone! I am super excited about this post! Today I'm sharing my favorite Amazon finds I've recently got this past month. There's a little bit of fashion, little bit of beauty and a little bit of health stuff I've got in store for you all. Each item I love and use and think they are definitely worth buying! Not as a sales pitch or anything, but just because I think everyone should know about these great finds!

I shop on Amazon constantly, so depending on how things go this might end up being a weekly blog post, LOL. There have been so many awesome, high quality and reliable products that have been added recently. It makes shopping a tad more dangerous for me...sorry not sorry Jeremy, lol. But for real, Amazon has stepped up it's game and is amazing and I'm obsessed.

So with that all being said, let's not keep you all waiting any longer and get started!

Fashion Finds:

First up are these two adorable dresses. One is a maxi that splits in the front and the other is a midi. I don't know about any of you, but when you're at work and you wear a dress and are constantly worried about if its too short or how your legs look or whether or not you can bend down is like the worst feeling ever! It's so uncomfortable! With these two you don't have to worry about any of that. They are absolutely work appropriate and totally stylish. For me as a realtor, I may be showing multiple homes in a day without knowing it when I wake up in the morning. So knowing that I will be comfortable and not have to be self conscious about my outfit is a big deal for me.

The black maxi is definitely a closet staple of mine now. It can be worn during any season and for basically any event. You can make it casual or dressy just by adding a few accessories or the right pair of shoes. This is the kind of dress you'll want to have in your closet when you feel like you have nothing to wear. I can guarantee this one will save you from that hectic "what should I wear" war we tend to have with ourselves when we are running behind schedule. It also comes in navy and olive green, too! True to size and great quality. I'd definitely recommend this dress to ANYONE! I grabbed a medium in this one.

Next up is this freakin' adorable floral midi dress. **WARNING!** This dress comes in 32 DIFFERENT COLORS!! And when I say colors I mean prints, too! I am totally going to be snatching up a few others in this one. It does have skinny straps so depending on where you work you may have to pair it with a jacket or sweater. The length is perfect for any type of shoe and the button detailing on the front is just for looks. I love the print I got for the summer or for taking with me on vacation. This one is also true to size and well made. I got a medium in this one as well.

If what I'm saying still doesn't convince you, then just check out the reviews. That'll do it for you!

Click down below for whichever dress is speaking to you!



Next up are these fun pearled barrettes and hair scarf scrunchies. If you follow a lot of bloggers you already know these barrette's are the new hair trend that everyone is obsessing about. And rightfully so! They are so cute and a fun way to doll up your hair-do. They are a mixture of large bobby pins, barrette's and one hair clip. These have been a life saver for me while I'm growing out my bangs and on days that they are not styled, haha. These would also make beautiful wedding hair accessories! Especially the bobby pin ones, I can totally picture them on a bun or a half up hairstyle :) There are actually a bunch of other styles of barrettes and hair clips on Amazon right now that I've been eyeing. But so far I'm loving these! Best part is this pack of 8 is only $6.99!

Now for these fun and tropical hair scrunchies. These just scream vacation vibes! Whenever I go to the pool or beach you can guarantee I'll most likely have one of these in my hair. They are a great way of turning a simple outfit into a flirty one. I love to pair these with a basic white tee shirt and either jeans or shorts. These come as a trio for only $10.59!

You can shop these here!



I shared these blue light glasses on my Instagram the other day. I am in love with them! I can definitely tell a difference when I use them too. I never got headaches or anything like that while working on my computer all day, but I don't want to put any extra strain on my eyes if I don't have to. I will however take advantage of any chance I can get to play around with different styles of glasses, lol! As much as I wish I could own a million pairs of Warby Parker glasses, it's just not realistic, haha. But with these, I can choose between a variety of colors and they only cost $16.99! I even got Jeremy a pair to wear and he loves them, too! He even wears them outside of the office at times, lol. I think he likes the idea of having glasses, haha. These could easily fall under the accessory category as well!

Next up is this deliciously smelling body wash. When I last visited my doctor, she recommended I use this website called to check the toxicity levels of all of my products that I use. I go to a Naturopath and I like to keep myself aware of what I put on and in my body. Let me tell you. This site is INCREDIBLE!!! You can find all kinds of products ranging from makeup to lotions to baby products and cleaning products. There are so many products on there too that are big named brand like Tarte or Neutrogena. I definitely recommend browsing through it and checking for yourself the products you are using. You might be shocked!

Anyways, so this body wash is EWG Verified, meaning it is marked for using the safest ingredients, it PETA approved and also ECOLOGO certified. It is powered by plants and is packed with antioxidants. They also have shampoos and conditioners! I'm going to try those next. But anyways, this body wash smells amazing and is a clear gel liquid like any other type of body wash you might use. Honestly, I've noticed no difference. It still makes me smell good and gets me clean, but I have peace of mind knowing I'm using something that is safe for my body. Hands down recommend this body wash!!

Shop these here!

If you'd like to check out that site to view your products, click here:



Last but not least is this face toner. I've shared this one briefly on Instagram Stories before, but oh man. It is SO GOOD! I absolutely love the smell of rose, so this is the only scent I've tried but there is also lavender and cucumber. Unlike some toners I've used in the past, this one will not dry out your face. In fact, well at least for me, it almost seems like it gives a little extra boost of hydration. I think it might be the aloe vera in it. Who knows, haha. But anyways, I love this one and use it every morning and night. You can get this at Ulta or Target, too but if you have Prime then that's the way to do it ;)

Shop it here:

Well! That sums up my Amazon Roundup for you all. Again, I would recommend all of these products/items to anyone. I love them all! Let me know if any of you try any of these :) I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great Mother's Day weekend!! Be sure to shower all those mama's in your life!



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