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Just A Thought: Why So Serious?

Hey everyone! I've decided to start a new topic on my blog called "Just A Thought". These will be short posts about anything that has been on my heart & mind that I feel I need to share. Most likely will be random thoughts, you never know what will pop up in my mind ;) So here we go!

To start it off, how great is that Joan Rivers quote? I mean, right? Calm down, it's all funny. Love it! A new mantra or motto or whatever you want to call it that I have recently been trying to focus on is transparency. This has been something I have been practicing on a daily basis. Not to get overdramatic here, but why do some people need to make everything a life or death situation?? Why do we feel like we need to act a certain way around some people and then turn around and be a totally different person with others? And lastly, why do we feel like we need to put on a front when all we need to do is be ourselves?

What really sparked this for me was when I became a realtor. I felt that since I was now a professional, that is how I needed to act with everyone I worked with. Don't get me wrong, professionalism is a quality you should definitely uphold in any job, but that shouldn't mean you have to tuck away your personality! What I've discovered so far is that if you keep true to who you are and be real with yourself and others it makes the day go by much smoother. Just because you are in a professional setting doesn't mean things can't still be casual and fun! Again, why so serious?

I have my husband to thank for this. Because we work together, I get to interact and see how he works with others on a daily basis. I can tell you not a day has gone by where I felt like he was trying to be someone he wasn't. He is the exact same with every person he encounters. Again, a reason why I love him and a reason why every day he inspires me!

I also have other professionals in various fields who I have encountered to thank for this. By being themselves, it took the pressure off. They were easy to approach and I felt comfortable being able to go to them when I didn't know an answer to a question. I'll be honest right now, when I can't read or get a feel from you it makes me not want to work with you. And I think I speak for everyone when I say show some personality and be up front!

I've talked about in a previous post that I have struggled with caring too much about what people think and being afraid to make mistakes. I still try to do the best job I can at any task given to me but I've taken the pressure off by just being myself and handling it the way I am most comfortable. Trying to conform yourself to who you are working with or the situation you are in will only make things stressful and make you feel like you are walking on egg shells. STOP WALKING ON EGG SHELLS!

You are who you are. There is no need to change or apologize for the person the Lord made you :) So my final thoughts on all of this is just be yourself! Let your personality shine through every thing you do and be real with people. Life is what you make it, I truly believe that! And life is most certainly something that should be enjoyable! So just a thought...why so serious?



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