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7 Instagram Feeds To Brighten Your Day

Hey, heyyyy. I have been super busy with work that I have kind of put my blog posts on the back burner. But I am getting back at it and have some fun posts coming your way! Super excited! Anyways, for today's post I thought I would share some of my favorite instagram feeds that just make me happy and brighten my day. I'll admit I zone out for about 20 minutes on my phone scrolling through Instagram and liking all the posts I missed throughout the day, but it has become somewhat of a "me-time" habit I've started. Don't worry! I do get outside and experience real life too, but its fun to see what people you have never even met are doing/creating.

In college, my roommates and I would always share our favorite Instagramers that we follow. I love hearing from others & discovering new pages. So that is what I am doing with all of you today! These Instagram profiles always keep me entertained and are definitely worth taking 20 minutes out of your day to see what they are up to. Check them out!

1. @doughmestichousewife

This lady is SO TALENTED! Her posts are honestly something I look forward to every day. She makes the most delicious-looking cookies I've ever seen, and is always making new things! And can we just take a moment to praise her for how creative her name is?! I mean seriously, how cute and perfect! If you are a wanna-be professional baker like me, then this girl is all the inspiration you need. She mainly posts videos of how she frosts her cookies which makes her page that much better! I will warn you though; you will get hungry after seeing her posts!

2. @hazelslettering

I just recently discovered this gal & am so glad I dd. Her calligraphy is so beautiful! She posts videos along with her pictures and she makes it look so easy! (I'm jealous) Her phrases are always happy and the floral art is so pretty. I recommend following her for days when you need to unwind and want to watch something therapeutic!

3. @thatcatconrad

Yes, I know I am telling you to follow a cat but this is no ordinary cat if you can't already tell from the picture. He is HILARIOUS! Seriously, the funniest cat you will ever follow. My college roommate Annie told me about him and I have been following ever since. His "parents" always have the funniest comments for his pictures too. They refer his meow to a gurgle, it's the best ha! And oh my goodness, the CUTEST kitten I have ever laid eyes on. He was such a fluff ball! Go follow!

4. @dupethat

This feed is so great to follow. They post dupe's/cheaper make-up products that are almost identical to the more expensive products. They use the watches and put them side by side on a hand or arm to show how similar the colors are and then they compare the prices. It's nuts! Sometimes you will also catch some deals going on that they share. If you are looking to update your makeup drawer but don't want to spend a fortune, check out this feed!

5. @misshayleypaige

Most of you probably already know who this is or are already following her, but for those who aren't GO FOLLOW NOW! Hayley Paige is a wedding dress designer who is featured at Kleinfeld's for the show "Say Yes To The Dress". Her designs are absolutely stunning. So much sparkle and glam! Even though I've already had a wedding I still love seeing what new designs she comes up with and pictures of her dresses :) I can daydream about a second fairytale wedding, right? Pretty things are just too fun to ignore! She also posts sketches that she does and I am just in awe of them! For those who are aren't married yet be sure to check out her designs, they are amazing!

6. @bookofthemonthclub

If you love to read and need new finds then go follow this profile ASAP! They are always posting new books to check out and also repost what others are reading. I've found some great books by following them. What I love about them is they post books that are similar to each other, so if you know you liked one book they post you'll like the others they put with it.

7. @flower_tutorials

This is another feed I recently started to follow. They post DIY floral arrangement videos and I'm in love! I have no clue where to begin when making a floral arrangement, so being able to watch how they do it step by step is awesome! I think they are a fairly new page because they don't have a ton of posts yet but I expect them to keep expanding! Plus who doesn't like flowers? :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I love sharing who I am following so these are always fun ones for me :) comment or share what your favorite Instagram feeds are, I'd love to hear them! Have a terrrrrific Tuesday everyone!



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