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Why You Should Make Lists For Everything

Hi Everyone! I'm sure some of you are like "who is this stranger?!" Sorry I have been a little MIA, its been a crazy summer already! June seriously was gone in a blink of an eye. We had events every weekend and have been working nonstop. I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July! I'm super excited to post some of the recipes I used for our BBQ. Stay tuned for that post ;) Anyways, if some of you have seen my Instagram post that I did the other day, you know that I was feeling kind of overwhelmed and a little out of it. I was just in a funk that lasted a few days. I wasn't really motivated to do anything. My laundry piled up, my dishes needed to be done, I BADLY needed to go grocery shopping, and my house needed to get cleaned. I think with all of our busy weekends and just the swing of summer had thrown my usual schedule. I'm happy to announce that I am officially out of my funk and functioning like myself again, yay!

A big part of pulling out of my funk was making lists. I have ALWAYS been a list-maker (just ask my mama!) I make lists for almost everything; groceries, daily to-do's, bucket lists, cleaning lists, packing lists, etc. They make me feel so much more organized and allows me to put all these thoughts running through my mind on paper. I realized in my funk I hadn't made a list in a while. So I pulled out my notebooks and went to town!

Some of you might be like my husband and types everything out on their Notes on their phone or computer. I've tried that but I tend to always forget that I made a list on my phone. When I physically write things out I am able to remember them better and it feels good to be able to actually cross something off :)

Below you will find some ADORABLE planners/notebooks/calendars. Having these pretty things with you all day would definitely help making lists easier (and fun!) Here are my top 5 reasons why you should make lists for everything!

1. They help you stay organized!

Writing out lists gets all your jumbled thoughts that are in your mind out on paper. You can makes lists for anything! You can also get as creative with them as you want, so pull out those highlighters and get to designing!

2. Physically writing things out helps you remember what needs to be done!

When you physically write something down on paper rather than on your phone or typing it out on a computer, you are able to recall information more effectively.

3. They can be great stress relievers!

We all get stressed out when we have lots to accomplish in a day, so being able to get all of those thoughts on paper and organize them is a huge stress reliever. You no longer need to stew over what needs to be done because it is now on paper in front of you!

4. There is an accomplished feeling you get after physically crossing items off your list!

The reward, I guess, from making a list is being able to cross off all of those items you were able to accomplish. It may just be me, but I absolutely love crossing off items off my list. I swear I can feel the stress and anxiety melt away from me with each stroke of my pen!

5. You can prioritize your tasks!

Lastly, what is great about making lists is that you can prioritize tasks by what is most important. Put the "need to get done" items at the top of your list, and the not so important ones at the bottom. Start from the top and work your way down until you eventually have reached the bottom of your list!



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