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One Year Anniversary

Happy Thursday! Jeremy and I celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Sunday and holy cow! I cannot believe its already been one whole year since we said "I do!" Time has flown by, it's insane. I am loving Facebook this week, because all of these old memories of our wedding day and honeymoon in Oahu keeps popping up :) It makes me want to go back in time and do it all over again! Since we have Justin staying with us right now, we couldn't take a big trip, so we decided to spend the weekend at Long Beach. We had such a relaxing, fun time. We stayed at this hotel called Adrift, and they allow dogs so we brought along Kunu! It was so fun, we were steps away from the beach and basically hung out there all day playing with kunu, watching the waves, having a fire, and playing speed :)

I have been waiting oh so impatiently to do an anniversary post! I am so excited to share our venue and some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day! We had the most incredible photographer. Her name is Jessica, and she is just a DOLL! You can check out her amazing work here! She not only is an incredibly talented photographer, but she is an even more amazing human being. Just the sweetest, kindest girl! I just love her :) One of the coolest things about her that I love telling people is she came all the way from Missouri to do our wedding!!

Jeremy and I got married at Shadow Mountain in Lake Chelan, WA. We absolutely love Chelan and knew we wanted to get married there. We had looked at wineries and other venues, but loved what Shadow Mountain had to offer. My sister actually got married here two years before us, so we already knew what the venue was like. PLUS we know the owners! :) so it was kind of a no-brainer. The venue is tucked behind trees, orchard and the rocky mountain it is named by! It is absolutely gorgeous. The venue itself is so open with lush green grass, and a huge badass dance floor with gorgeous lights! There is also an outdoor kitchen/barbecue area with awesome barrels all around it. It even comes with a pergola AND a tent for food! Last but not least, they also provide very clean, spacious bathrooms! I would recommend this place to anyone. It can accommodate wedding sizes from 10 people to 300! Definitely the perfect outdoor wedding venue :) Check it out here!

Over the course of a year, I have learned a couple things while being a married woman. Firstly, you are now your own family with your husband. He and your relationship is what is most important. Second, your vows are not just sweet words you say the day of your wedding. They are what you carry with you throughout your entire marriage. Honor them and on days when you are struggling, just look back on them :) And lastly, never stop dreaming/planning together. Just because you are married doesn't mean you are done with adventures and need to stay stagnant. We constantly are planning trips and talking about dreams & goals for the future. Your wedding day is just the beginning of a whole new life!

Our wedding day is something I will ALWAYS remember. Every little detail. Everything from me spending 30 minutes the morning of just praying and thanking God for blessing me with this amazing man to marry, to the wind that was 25mph gusts blowing everything around for a good 2 hours, ha! Best day of my life. Jeremy, I love you with my whole heart. Thank you for the best first year of marriage. Can't wait for many, many, MANY more years :) Now for the pictures!

What'd I tell you about those pictures?!?! So insanely good.



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