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Today's post is going to be a real one for you. Some of you may have noticed, others maybe not, but I have been a little MIA since my last blog post about my 2018 goals. I had started off so strong! I was getting in a great routine in the mornings by working out, eating breakfast, etc., and then boom. It all fell apart. The main reason is I got sick and has z-e-r-o energy to do anything. Another reason was I just was not motivated. Period! I had no interest in writing a blog post, thinking up blog ideas, going to the gym, calling or texting anyone on my list, hanging up my clothes in my closet; nothing. There literally hasn't been one thing on my goal list that I have consistently been doing.

And I've really been beating myself up over it. I've been feeling like I'm failing, like I'm slacking as a wife, a friend, a daughter. Everything. It was like a dark cloud that was constantly hanging over me, reminding me every day of the things I haven't been doing that I said I would do. I want to be a good role model for others by speaking with my actions and accomplish my goals, but I've yet to do that. I actually had a random person comment on my goals a week or so back saying that I had too many goals and that I was setting myself up to fail. This last week I've been believing that comment. I kept thinking "Micaiah, you know when you did this you had a lot of goals written down, why didn't you just pick a few?" I was starting to regret posting my goals for everyone to see and was also starting to doubt and second guess myself.

That is until today. Today I woke up, got ready for the day and made it into the office. I didn't accomplish my goal of waking up before 7am, or eat breakfast or lotion up after my shower. I never made it to the gym or practiced my Yoga video. And you know what I realized?


It's okay. It's okay that some times I don't feel motivated. It's okay to not feel positive and cheery one day. And it's okay that I didn't accomplish everything on my list today. It doesn't mean that my whole day needs to be ruined or that I have failed. It doesn't mean that I am a lazy person, or someone who gives up. It just means I didn't get to it. I have other goals that I can crush today, and I get a brand new swing at them tomorrow.

You want to know another thing that I realized today? It's okay to take a break. I've barely been on social media much this past week. I just had no desire to post anything, see what others had posted, or even check anything to do with social media. I think some times we feel like we need to show our presence on social media to keep up with the flow. But I can tell you I am much happier by not scrolling and just staying away, rather than faking likes and posting things just to "post."

So here I am! Letting you all know that I am failing at my goals so far. Have a great rest of your day! ;) ha ha, just kidding. But seriously, it is okay to not completely change your routine to fit your goals and crush them right away. These are all HABITS. Habits that take time and adjusting to. I'm saying this to you guys, but really it is also a reminder for me on days when I was feeling how I was.

Tomorrow's another day!



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