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My Workout Playlist On Spotify

What up chicas! My best friend Kacie asked me to do a playlist for her while she goes running, so I figured I'd share the playlist with everyone! Spotify is seriously my life. It is so amazing haha. Music is super important to me and I love having literally any song at my fingertips. Also what's super cool is that they offer discounts for students! I also love all of the pre-made playlists they have, especially the "mood" ones! A few of my favorites are Confidence Boost, Mood Booster, Relax & Unwind, Songs to Sing in The Shower, and Your Favorite Coffeehouse. I've made quite a bit of playlists myself, so if you're interested go ahead and check them out here!

I was doing so good for about month on my running and lifting and then for some reason (like always...) I stopped :( So annoying, I don't know why I do that. BUT! I've gotten back on track. I am in two weddings this summer AND we are leaving for our cruise in about 3 months, so that is my motivation! This playlist definitely gets me going and helps me push through my work out.

What are some of your favorite playlist/songs right now? Share with me, I'd love to hear about them :)

Anyways, hope you enjoy my Work That Bod playlist!

(If for some reason the playlist won't load, just click here!)



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