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Cabin Weekend

Hi friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Jeremy and I headed up to his families cabin up the Entiat River on Saturday and hung out there. The cabin is one of our favorite places to go in the fall. When we get up there it is literally a breath of fresh air. Everything smells so good and crisp and the scenery is like out of a painting. The trees are all different shades of yellows, oranges, greens and reds. It's just beautiful :) Our normal routine when we get to the cabin is let Kunu out of the car to go exploring, unpack our snacks and start a fire (inside for me and outside for Jeremy haha).

This time Kunu had a little buddy with him! It was Mags first time at the cabin and its safe to say she had the BEST time. So many smells, she didn't know what to do with herself lol! I swear she ate mass amounts of dirt and pinecones. I tried to minimize her consumption, but that lasted for about 5 seconds, haha. She is still too small to let her go off with Kunu, so she had to stay tied up, but she still had lots to check out :) Her digging skills came out while up there, too! Every hole she found she'd just go to town on it.

The cabin sits right next to the river, and surrounded by lots of pine trees. We didn't go down to the water this time, but usually we do. It's about a 5 minute walk through some brush, but once you are there you could spend hours just exploring! I can't wait to take Mags the next time we go so she can play in the water!

The cabin itself is an authentic, real log cabin. And it is the cutest cabin you will ever come across! When you first walk in you have the living room off to your left with the wood burning fireplace, and the eating/dining room to your right with a year round Christmas tree :) Up top you will see the loft that overlooks the living room and dining room. Up in the loft is the most amazing king size bed you will evvvver sleep in. Seriously, I could live in that bed. There is a bathroom with an adorable black free standing tub, a nook full of board games and then bunk beds. Back downstairs is the kitchen, second bathroom and second bedroom.

We got up there a little later in the afternoon on Saturday so we didn't do too much. Walked around with the dogs, watched Kunu chase after squirrels and then just stare at them up in trees for about 20 minutes, haha, and then made some dinner and watched some movies. The next day was full of lounging on the couch next to the fire and watching football :) While we like not having service or WiFi up at the cabin, there are times we wish we had it, especially when it comes to checking our fantasy football teams haha.

After watching the Seahawks unfortunately lose, it was time to pack up and head home. The cabin was a short lived trip, but we are headed back there soon in about 3 weeks with a couple of our good friends for our annual cabin weekend! It's going to be a blast. If we're lucky we might even see some snow!

Hope you guys have a fantastic Monday!



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