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Girl's Day At Eagle Creek Winery

Hi beauties! Hope you had a great weekend. If you watched my Insta story you know that our trip to Texas got pushed back a week, due to work. But! It is working out way better, because the weather is going to be a lot nicer this coming weekend, and we are also fitting in Boston in our trip as well! I am BEYOND excited! While we are down in Texas, we are FOR SURE going to Magnolia Market!!! Talk about a freaking dream come true! Of course definitely more excited to see my family, but this is a very, very close second haha. Anyways, super pumped for that :) I think we are also going to go check out the stockyards in Fort Worth :) Not sure what else is planned, but we are excited to get away!

For Boston, we are HOPING to catch a Red Sox game. Not sure if thats going to happen or not, but we will see :) if not then we will catch a Celtics game. Also going to try and do some tours that hit up some of the major spots, like Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Beacon Hill and possibly a Harvard tour! Can't wait :) The one thing I am most excited for is all the foliage! We all know New England is known for their fall foliage so I can't wait to see what all the hype is about.

Today I am sharing a fun girls day I had last Thursday up at Eagle Creek Winery in Leavenworth, WA! For those who don't know, I am part of our local Farmers Market committee and we had our end of the season party at the winery. It was a total BLAST! We had delicious food prepared by another committee member, got a private tour of the winery and vineyard, FREE tastings (actually, glasses lol) and had the entire place to ourselves. It was the perfect girls day! I really don't think any of these pictures do the place justice.

After we each got a glass (or two) of wine, we got a tour by the owner and wine MASTER of Eagle Creek, Paul! He walked us through the vineyard and gave us a rundown on the different vines, and explained how each wine is made. He also talked about how long each grape takes to grow and how they maintain everything throughout the year. It was really interesting!

Our committee member LeeAnnette made the most amazing finger foods for us all. Seriously it was like we had a caterer! Just look at how beautiful all this food looked!! And yes, it tasted EVEN BETTER than how it looked :)

Like come on people! Look at this food!! :)

We ate in this adorable treehouse that was so cozy and fun! We all decided we need to have a beginning of the year kick off and end of the year celebration at the winery because we all just had the best time :) This was only our second year putting on the Quincy Farmers Market and we were completely blown away by how much support and growth we had!

We more than doubled our vendors, upped our advertisement, brought in new entertainment and reached out to more of the community. It was such a great year, and we can't wait for next year!! Thank you again to all of our vendors and our community who support their local market and local businesses! And a huge thank you to all of our volunteers!

Okay! I am off to bed, hope you all have a great night!



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