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Sunday Funday Outfits

Hello peeps! Hope you all are having a very cozy and relaxing Sunday! I'm just over here wishing it was 80 degrees and sunny...ahhhh. Anyways! On today's blog post I invited one of my best friends Darriean to team up with me and share our personal "easy like a sunday morning"style! Honestly, this may have just been an excuse for us to get all pretty and take fun pictures of each other, but hey we had a blast. This is actually part 1 of 3 styles we will be sharing this week, so stay tuned for more!

Darriean and I have pretty similar styles, yet different in some ways so you'll get to see two somewhat contrasting looks. For me, my comfy style consist of jeans, a lightweight flowy top or any soft sweater. Anything that makes me feel relaxed and happy is always a go-to for me. For Darriean her comfy style is first and foremost yoga pants with a long stylish sweater to dress it up. I mean, come on who doesn't love yoga pants? If she's not in yoga pants then its her most comfortable pair of jeans.

Darriean has been one of my oldest friends and she is actually getting married next year! So along with our super fun photoshoot we also did some wedding planning today! We've had a very lively and entertaining day! :) #girlsday for suuuuure.

Can't wait to share more fun and exciting things on the blog that are soon to come! If you have any questions about anything we are wearing I've shared it at the end of each of our last pics. You can also comment with any question! Enjoy! :)


top: express

jeans: american eagle

sandals: target

Darriean's Sunday Style >>>

top: american eagle

jeans: old navy

sandals: american eagle


Micaiah & Darriean!

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