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Nordstrom Rack: Off-The-Shoulder

I am one happy girl! Jeremy and I headed over to Spokane a few weekends ago to pick up a new table for our office, and we managed to squeeze in a quick Nordstrom Rack trip! It's been a while since I've been to a Nordstrom Rack, so I was really looking forward to this day. And may I just say the trip did NOT disappoint ;) Oh my goodness, they have the cutest stuff out right now. What I love most about Nordstrom Rack is that they have a variety of everything. And I honestly seem to forget that every time I go, haha. But it is always a sweet, sweet surprise :)

Every time I go to NR I go in with one game plan, and one game plan only. To look at every single thing and take my pick. Jeremy is probably shaking his head at me right now for saying that, haha but its true! I just seem to always find the cutest stuff that I never planned on looking for. Which is what happened this time around haha. I ended up getting two blouses, an ADORABLE dress that I am so excited to share, a swimsuit cover up, and a new choker necklace. Ah, I'm just in love :) I'm going to do all separate posts about each look, so for this one I'll do my favorite find!

The first blouse I got is from Abound, which is a brand I love from NR. This is my favorite item I bought! They have a ton of comfortable basic tanks that I love, along with fun pieces like this top! You can't go wrong with them. This top is off-the-shoulder, smocked & a babydoll. It doesn't get much cuter than that! It feels so summery and feminine, I just love it. The shoulders stay down and don't ride up like some tops do & is just super comfortable to wear. I actually paired my new choker necklace with this top too and it just completed the entire look. I love the choker because it has the extra chain that hangs down a bit with the diamond bar. Too cute! You can shop the top here and the choker here!



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