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My Favorite Boots + Booties

Happy Thursday! I was chatting with my sister the other day and she was saying she needed to look for some boots/booties for all. Since boots + booties are my most adored fall staples, I thought why not do a blog post sharing my favorite picks! When the cold weather strikes, I probably get a little too excited about pulling out my boots + booties that have been shoved way back in my closet during the summer months. It's like Christmas all over again :)

I shared the other day and a few other times on my Instagram one of my favorite pairs of booties I own. They are from Blondo Waterproof and I discovered them last year while browsing through Nordstrom (no surprise there). I never heard of them before so I decided to check out their actual website since Nordstrom didn't have too many pairs on their site, and holy moly. Talk about hitting a boot + bootie gold mine! Not only do they have a ton of trendy styles, but they are all waterproof! This for some reason is one of my favorite things about them, haha. But seriously, guys. I don't think there are too many boots + booties out there that can top these. Surprisingly as much as I just bragged about them, I only own one pair! For I'll link what pair I own down below, but definitely check out all their styles. Okay, Blondo rant over ;)

Anyways, so today I'll be sharing my favorite pair of boots + booties that I own, and then some new boot + bootie trends that I am loving right now :) Check 'em out!

All of these boots + booties are under $200, but most are UNDER $100! The AEO OTK black bootie is on sale right now for like $52, and then the Marc Fisher OTK boot (which I just bought, yay!) is $99 + 30% off until October 14th! Same with the Tommy Hilfiger riding boots, you can get 30% off those as well. Or if you decide to get both, then you get 40% off! ;) Huge sale going on right now at Macys. I'm definitely crushing on the two rain boots, especially that leopard print pair! And then the Chinese Laundry sock bootie I am all about, too. At first I wasn't a huge fan of the sock bootie trend, but now I can't get enough. So cute with dresses and skirts!

Ahhh. All this boot + bootie talk is making me want to shop lol. Seriously I could talk boots + booties all day long. The pairs I have are #1, which I'm wearing today actually! #3, which are my favorite black pair I own, and then like I mentioned I just bought #8 which get here at the end of the week. Soooo excited :) #1 and #3 I each got last year and they've held up great and are still so trendy! Definitely worth adding to your closet :)

Hope you guys enjoy these picks, and let me know if you decide to buy any! I'd love to see/hear what you choose :)



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