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Gift Guide For Her: My Tried + True!

Happy, happy Thursday beauties! I am so excited for this weekend. Got lots going on! Tomorrow we have our second basketball game at home, and Saturday we have an away game. Then, on Sunday we are going to a Christmas tree farm with my sister, brother-in-law and sweet little niece! I honestly can't wait to start decorating for Christmas! I wanted to get started right after Thanksgiving, but it just didn't seem right if we didn't have a tree up lol. This will be our second year having a real tree, but I gotta know. How many of you are fake tree people or real tree people? I'll admit, having a fake tree is so easy and convenient, but nothing beats going out and chopping down that perfect tree and having the scent of pine fill up your house! Ahhh :)

Anyways, like promised, I have started on my gift guides! I am super excited to do these for you guys this year. I haven't fully decided how many gift guides I am going to do, but as of right now I have 9 different categories I could do, lol! Not sure I'll do all 9, but I'll definitely do a few.

Today I am sharing my tried and true gifts that I already own and have gotten as gifts and LOVE them! They are all items that I use weekly and frequently. And most importantly, I know you all would love to receive them as gifts!

This water bottle I received as a gift for my birthday and I just love it!

It is so pretty and keeps your water nice and cold! Best part is its under $10!

My girl friends introduced me to this mascara and I haven't used a different kind since!

I absolutely love it. It doesn't clump, it lifts and goes on nice and even. Best mascara ever.

I use this speaker DAILY! When I'm in the shower, getting ready, doing dishes, cleaning house, really any time I want to blast music, this is my go-to! It has great projection of sound and best part, it will still play while charging!

Old Navy has THE BEST workout gear. So affordable and great quality. I don't have these specific leggings, but a very similar pair that I always wear when I go to the gym or want to be in athletic wear.

Okay, so obviously I don't wear this beanie weekly during the year, but during the chilly months, this is the cutest beanie anyone could own! Comes in a super cute rose pink color as well.

If you haven't heard about this book then you must be living under a rock! Okay, just kidding, but for real this book will give you that boost of confidence to do anything your little heart desires! And even if you do finish this book, trust me you'll be going back for advice. Great gift for any woman in your life!

I have raved on and on about these booties ever since I got them. I am currently wearing them as I type.

And I probably wear them at least 4 days out of the week when it becomes bootie season.

So, in other words, these booties are BOMB and they'd be a hit as a gift!

This palette would be great for someone just starting to get in to makeup or a pro! Everyone needs a good basics palette and this one is perfect and super popular.

My most favorite scent from Bath & Body Works, by far!

I especially love the new high intensity candles they've come out with to give off an even stronger aroma.

If you don't buy this scent, that's okay, we all know any of their scents are incredible ;)

Hope these help you all in your gift hunting! Can't wait to share the next gift guide! Stay tuned :)



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