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Gift Guide For Her: The Homebody

Hi guys! It's been a minute since I've posted on the blog! Been taking the time to just enjoy the holiday season with friends and family. Basketball takes a lot of time too, so I've been focusing a bunch on that as well :) Once the new year rolls in I'll get back on a normal posting schedule.

Anyways! Today I'm sharing another gift guide for you guys. This one is for that homebody in your life! Let's admit it. We ALL can be homebodies at some point. I know I can definitely be! When I was making this gift guide I literally was picturing myself using every single item at the same time for the ultimate cozy at-home experience haha. They all compliment each other!

Check them out for yourself :)

These candles are so amazing! They last forever and come in heavy, solid containers. For some reason I love that, haha.

They have the most unique, delicious scents ever, too. It'll make your whole house smell incredible!

I'm an UGG lover and have had multiple pairs in my life. I have yet to own a pair of their slippers, and I just love these! They have over 2,500 reviews on Nordstrom and come in a bunch of different colors. I love that they're waterproof, too!

My feet are currently freezing right now and these socks are tormenting me! They look so cozy and soft! I love the little pom pom detailing, too. So cute!

Okay. This baby is something that is pricey but SO INCREDIBLE! They range from $125-$375 depending on which size you choose.

I personally don't own one, but it is definitely on my wish list. If you haven't seen these blankets before, go check them out right now. The wool and how they are knitted will mesmerize you! I could lay in this thing forever.

This robe is just calling my name. Looks so plush and comfy and comes in a bunch of pretty colors.

Pair this with those socks and blanket and boom! You're all set!

Jeremy and I LOVE our Apple TV. We use it to watch movies, our shows, play music with, etc. You just buy the box and remote, hook it to your internet and you're good to go. No monthly charge or anything. You can add any apps you want to use on it as well!

Jeremy loves to have all of our pictures run through a slideshow at home so we can constantly be surrounded by memories :)

This mug just says it all :) Society 6, the site where this is off of, has some pretty cool home stuff, too!

How cute and pretty is this diffuser? I am loving it! Throw in your favorite essential oils and let it fill up your home. My favorites are orange, eucalyptus and lemon!

Love, love, love Chip & Joanna Gaines and everything they do lol. I have their Magnolia Story book, Jeremy has Chip's Capital Gaines book, and I have her cookbook Magnolia Table. So you knoooow I gotta have her Homebody book! Her style is just the best. Can't get enough!

Last is this super fun floor pillow! I don't know many people who have floor pillows, I know I don't have any. But this one has made me question why I don't have one?! Would be the perfect meditation pillow :)

Hope you all have a great upcoming weekend! Can't believe we are less than two weeks away from Christmas!! Time is flying. I'm definitely going to enjoy every last little bit of the holiday season! :)




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