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Spring Must-Have Accessories

HAPPY 1ST DAY OF SPRING YOU GUYS!!! Raise your hand if you are so stoked that we can officially say buh-bye to winter and HELLO to spring! Hopefully when you're at it is actually spring-type weather, lol. I know it wasn't look too great for us about a week ago with the snow day we had, but I'd say we are in the clear! Anyone else getting the urge to start spring cleaning and working outside?! I can't wait to clean up outside around our house. Seriously, it's not pretty right now, lol.

I did take my car to the carwash yesterday for the first time this year. Felt so nice to get her sparkly again! I then cleaned out the inside do I get it so messy?! She's is looking amazing now and all that is left to do is get a much needed oil change (I know, I know) and get my tires rotated. Is anyone else kind of horrible when it comes to keeping up with the maintenance of their vehicle, or is it just me? :/

Any-hoo, today I am sharing with you all my favorite spring accessories that I am crushing on. I got a few cute things while in Vegas shopping at the ALDO Accessories store in the in the Miracle Mile shops (pictured above!) and soooo wish I would've got more! They had such cute, flirty earrings, I wanted them all :) So for this post, it's going to be all ALDO based accessories! Trust me, this won't disappoint.

ALDO has always been a favorite of mine to shop at for shoes and extra things like clutches, jewelry and hair accessories. What I absolutely love about the ALDO Accessories store in Vegas is it is strictly accessories (duh). The ALDO stores around me are mainly their shoes with a few accessories thrown in, so seeing all that they offer for accessories was like being a kid in a candy store! I honestly should've taken a picture of it you guys, it was so beautiful (LOL!)

In all seriousness, everything from ALDO is always super trendy and most importantly, affordable. Check out my fav's down below! Sadly, I couldn't find the round pair of earrings above online :(

Disclaimer: ALDO names their accessories funky names, haha but I've linked each item for you all.




Are you freaking out yet? Soooo cute! Also, did you notice the puka shells in the second necklace?! They're making a comeback, people!! LOL. Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying your first day of spring and hope the sun is shining bright wherever you are! :)



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