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Spring Sandal Favorites

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I sure did! It was so nice out yesterday, I think it got up to like 73 degrees! I think it's safe to say spring has finally sprung. I have officially packed away my booties and have broke out my sandals! I love, love, love sandals so much. I have a whole cubby in my closet that's filled with them, haha! Majority of those are from Target and only cost my about $15-$25 each, but hey, I'm not complaining. I love them! Target is the best place to get seasonal sandals, am I right? The sandals I'll be sharing today though are a step up from Target and will last you longer than a summer ;)

I recently have been going on DSW for all my shoe finds. They have some great sales that go on from time to time and carry all the best brands. I'll warn you now, almost all of these sandals are Steve Madden (I'm obsesssssed) except for one pair, but they are all so trendy and fun!

I am loving the strapy, platform-type trend thats going on right now. It's such a cute mixture between comfort and trendy I think. I hate when sandals are too flat or thin and it feels like paper is the only thing between your feet and the ground. Some of these look like you could walk all day in them and not feel a thing.

The first three pairs are the ones I ordered and I am loving each of them so much!! The brown heeled sandal is so cute with dresses. The black pair is such a great staple sandal to have in your closet. I actually have the brown pair as well, which unfortunately decided to break on me the other day, but they are the best sandals to throw on with any outfit. And then holy moly, the gold espadrilles I am in loooove with! I've wanted to hop on the espadrille train for a while now but never really found a pair that I thought looked comfortable enough. The reviews on these are amazing and people have sworn by these with how comfortable they are, so I decided to give them a try. They didn't disappoint!

Most of these come in a variety of colors too, these are just my favorite picks :) I'm hoping to add all of these to my summer collection, but we shall see ;) Jeremy might kill me hahaha. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!



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