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What's In My Makeup Bag

A friend and I were talking about what makeup we use and I thought it would be a fun post to share about what is in my makeup bag. I am by no means a professional when it comes to makeup, no matter how hard I try to be good at it. I pretend to know how to contour and some days my eyeliner starts taking over my eyelid. There are days though where I do get lucky and my face looks some-what put together. So I'm not completely hopeless! If any of you have some good makeup tips you want to share PLEASE COMMENT! I have a lot of room for improvement ;)

My makeup bag has really come a long way haha! For a while it was filled with hand-me-down's from my sister and little samples I would get in my Ipsy bags every month. It was filled with so much random stuff and colors that didn't go well with my skin. I wanted to do a full makeover on my makeup bag. We all know that good makeup is expensive, and I am all for finding knock off brands that work just as well, which I do use on occasion! But with my makeup bag makeover, I wanted to fill it with some quality items since I never really had any before. With the help of paychecks, birthday & christmas gifts I was able to start establishing my new makeup bag! (PS: If you shop at Sephora, I HIGHLY recommend signing up for their Beauty Insider. It's worth it!)

I had to go through a couple of trial and errors to find what brands/products I liked and didn't like. So what you see here are all of my favorite products as of right now! My makeup style is pretty simple and natural. I don't cake much on and sometimes I don't always use eyeliner. However, I do have some options to fancy up my face if I'm feeling like it. The numbers are in order of how I apply my makeup. PS: All of my brushes and beauty blender are from Amazon. You can easily find any type of brush or beauty blender on there for a decent price too! I'm happy with the brushes I am using right now but honestly can't remember where exactly I got them.


Starting with my face I contemplated on getting a primer because I've read that they work great and others say it is a waste of money. For me I wanted something to hide my pores and this Tarte Clean Slate Poreless primer is awesome. Its vegan and so smooth, I love it. I am new to using a BB cream. I've used Lancome products before and never had any complaints. This Bienfait BB cream is AMAZING! It is so light and can be applied by anything. Seriously sometimes when I am in a hurry and just need something quick I used my hands to rub in it and it looks just fine. It doesn't give full coverage but it comes pretty close for how light it is. I have fairly dry skin and it keeps it moisturized. I have said bye-bye to dry patches, thank goodness! And best part is the spf 30 in it :) The color I use is porcelain because I am SNOW WHITE, ha!

I have ALWAYS had dark circles under my eyes. I am a nightowl so staying up late is to blame. But even when I get pretty decent sleep at times they still seem to be there. Anyone else have dark circles? Going with the BB cream theme I chose the Smashbox Camera Ready eye cream for my under eyes. It blends really well with the Lancome BB cream and really takes away the purple-y tint. Makes me look wide awake, just the look I am going for! :) The color I use for that is light. For blemishes and dark spots I really like the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer. It takes care of the job and blends well with the rest of my BB creams. The color I use is moderately fair.

Again, I am no contouring queen over here but this Urban Decay Naked Flushed set is great for beginners I think. It's a powder so it is easy to work with. I actually don't use the highlighter that is in this palette but the bronzer and blush work for me! For a highlighter I really love Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-hr Highlighter. It is more of a "whiter" highlighter than the rose-colored one in the Naked Flushed set. It is also more glimmery than sparkly, I don't like to look like I have sparkles everywhere. The color I use for that is exposed nude highlight.


For my eyes I love the Urban Decay Naked palettes. These were both gifts actually and I am SO happy I got them. One is the basic Naked2 and the other is the bigger Naked2 palette. I love using them both because if I want to keep it simple I use the basics & if I want some glam I use the larger palette. Now when it comes to eyeliner I think I have finally figured out how I like it. This is just the way I do it, its probably wrong or whatever but it seems to work and thats all that matters :) Anyways, I use the Smashbox Always Sharp pencil liner to draw my outline and then use Sephora's Classic liquid liner to fill in by my eyelashes. The pencil doesn't seem to get that far down without smudging all over my eyelashes so the liquid is super quick and gets it done. At times I use just the liquid when I'm feeling confident ha! But most of the time I use the pencil, I'm just better at using it. The Smashbox color is Raven, and Sephora's is Intense Black. What's great about the Smashbox pencil liner is that it literally does sharpen it every time you untwist the cap! So you always have a fresh pencil to work with. Absolutely love that! Lastly for my eyes, I am actually in search of a really great mascara but for now this Covergirl Lashblast is working out. So if you have any suggestions send them my way! WARNING! If you smell peanut butter at any's the mascara. Or at least that is what it smells like to me. Its a little weird, yes. You'll get used to it though ;) ha! There could be worse smells! But this mascara doesn't clump, doesn't flake and goes on evenly so thats a win for me.


I am a lipstick/stain/gloss LOVER! I swear my whole makeup drawer is just filled with all different kinds. But these two from Sephora have become my favorites right now. Since we are getting closer to Spring I am going with more pink lips than wine colored. The Sephora Cream Lip Stain is definitely creamy and velvety! The color I am using right now is Pink Souffle. I like to go over the top of my stain with the Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick just to top it off and make the color pop a little more. The lipstick is also nice and creamy too so it makes your lips feel super moisturized!

And that is my make up bag and the items I'm loving right now! I feel these are great for those who are looking to start expanding their makeup selection in a subtle way. Nothing in my bag is too crazy or bold. And everything is affordable (mostly!) I think the most expensive items on here would be the Lancome BB cream and the bigger Naked2 palette. Everything else is roughly the same price :)

If you are curious about my makeup bag, it isn't a true makeup bag. I actually recently ordered this from Pura Vida Bracelets because HELLO! IT HAS ADORABLE COLORFUL PINEAPPLES ALL OVER IT! And we all know how I feel about pineapples... ;) With the bag they sent a handmade bracelet handcrafted in Costa Rica by artisans. With every bracelet or item bought from them they donate to charities! It's an awesome company that I recommend checking out for sure. Anyways, the bag is actually quite big so it can be used for whatever but right now its my super cute new makeup bag. I mean just look how sweet it is! Perfect for starting your day off on a happy note dreaming about being on a beach :)

10. Sephora Classic Line 24hr Felt Eyeliner

Thank you so much for reading along and please share any tips, tricks or products you love! You can leave me a message here!



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